Meet the Sister Founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie

Celine Nehoray
Joline Nehoray

Two sisters. Two styles. One brand.

Sisters Celine & Joline founded Beverly Hills Lingerie in fall 2018 with the dreams of growing & maintaining the ever-evolving streetwear lingerie industry.
Pioneered by the likes of acclaimed icons Cher & Madonna, lingerie as streetwear was a developing trend in the 1980s. Taking note of the trend which has been fading in & out for decades, Beverly Hills Lingerie is in pursuit of preserving its special charm. “Lingerie as streetwear is a fun & flirty way to toe the risqué & dance around the delicate line of controversial & elegant."

About the brand
Beverly Hills Lingerie is a collection of carefully curated pieces that embrace all the beauty women have to offer.

With a mix of outerwear lingerie & staple bedroom pieces, we strive to give a sense of purpose, femininity, and individuality, all while lost in a collectivistic culture. Versatile bralettes, sleepwear, classic bedroom sets, bodysuits, outerwear tops, & endless panty choices are all part of our collection.

Let us reshape the way you wear, think, & feel about lingerie. 

Help us redefine lingerie.

Celine & Joline

Meet the Sister Founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie